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Repetto's Nursery & Florist 

Flowers for Your Special Day

Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate party, or any special event, we have three affordable options available for your special day. 

Option 1:

You order your flowers from us. 

Simply provide us with your colors and the type of arrangements and we will do the rest! Prices may be higher if specific flowers are requested. We take orders no more than one month prior to your wedding date. Please call us for details and make an appointment for a personal consultation!

We will pack everything in boxes or in water for transportation on the day you pick up your order.

 Option 1 Pricing:

Flowers to Wear



Pin On Corsage


Wrist Corsage


Altar Arrangements (One Sided)

Approximately 28" tall at peak & approximately 28" wide at the bottom

$200.00 and up


Mason jar, 1 pint


Bubble bowl (Approximately 6")


Bubble bowl (Approximately 8")


Garland, per foot

$20.00 + up

Wedding Hand Tied Round Bouquet

Small Bouquet (Approximately 5")*


Medium Bouquet (Approximately 8")*


Large Bouquet (Approximately 10")*


 Extra Large Bouquet ( Approximately 13")*


* We wrap the stems with your preferred color

Arch Arrangements (One Sided)

Approximately 12" tall & approximately 36" wide

$200.00 and up

Option 2:

You select the flowers from our cooler and we create a bouquet for an additional 50% of the total cost of the flowers you have chosen.

Select the flowers from our wide assortment and we will create a bouquet for an additional 50% of the total cost of the flowers purchased at Repetto's. For example, if your total cut flower purchase is $30.00, we will put your flowers together for an additional $15.00 (50% of the total cost of the cut flowers) for a total cost of $45.00. We recommend that you come in a few days prior to your wedding or event and pick out your flowers. Please note that we will need at least 48 hours notice for us to create your arrangement.

* Option 2 not available for centerpieces or vase arrangements, bouquets only

Option 3:

You do your own arrangement.

Select your flowers, pay for them at the counter, and proceed to arrange! All flowers must be purchased from Repetto's. Please bring your own boxes, scissors/clippers, containers, and vases to put your bouquets in. You can also purchase vases from our available assortment. 

We recommend that you come in at least one week prior to your wedding or event and pick out your flowers. We can special order roses and some flowers but they will not be at the same price as those in our cooler and will be based on availability. If you wish to use field flowers, they are subject to availability. You may also store your arranged flowers (as long as they have all been purchased from Repetto’s) in our cooler free of charge but we cannot be responsible for any damages or loss.

NOTE: If you wish to have your flowers delivered (local delivery only), please call us for special delivery charges.

We like to make things easy!

Here are some of our wedding floral designs: